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Warehouse Club Focus is read by thousands of club industry vendors, stakeholders, brokers, financial analysts and club executives and buyers. Warehouse Club Focus provides readers with an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Individual Warehouse Club Focus subscriptions, at an annual cost of $479, are protected by our copyright. The purchaser can not share the product/content of Warehouse Club Focus.

While a single subscription for Warehouse Club Focus offers you valuable information, we recognize the inherent conflict you face in sharing that knowledge with other people within your organization.

Our cost effective answer to this dilemma is the corporate license. A corporate license is the easiest and least expensive way to provide your co-workers with the same warehouse club knowledge you receive with Warehouse Club Focus.

In our 25 years of growing this business, we have learned one important lesson, the more people at your company who understand BJ's, Costco, Cost-U-Less, PriceSmart and Sam's Club, the more successful your company will potentially be in this unique retail channel. Give your entire team the edge Warehouse Club Focus offers.


The following is pricing for a basic corporate license program for Warehouse Club Focus. One person will be the contact and will receive each issue via Mail and Email. The remaining corporate subscribers will receive each issue via Email in PDF format.

  • $2,100 for up to 6 subscribers
  • $3,000 for up to 10 subscribers
  • $5,000 for up to 20 subscribers
  • $10,000 - Enterprise/Company
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