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Contract Packager/Packaging (Updated September, 2016)

Diversified Re-Packaging, U. S. Merchants Jeff Green 310-228-4000
The Drake Company Dave Gaidousek 800-299-5644
Winterborne Howard Mallon 818-725-2828
ClubPallets.com/Kendal King Group Amy Bagnall 816-569-6651

Manufacturer Representative (Updated September, 2016)

Michael Cunningham Innovative Products 703-443-2150
Bob Stevenson Global Sales Consulting 214-557-4675
John Overton Jr. JM Overton Sales 603-432-2080
Ken Madden Madden Associates 617-328-5656
Nicholas Karras NDK Sales, Marketing 201-848-9362
Dan Freeman Resource Marketing 949-276-2194
Peter Burke Results 949-253-8272
Paul Dembling Sinco Inc. 617-733-5670
John Saidnawey Johnson O'Hare Co. 978-663-9000
Scott Kassel Millennium Sales Group 818-906-1626
Greg Patton Club Sourcing, Inc. 877-396-4090
Kenji Gjovig High Tide Consulting 479-903-4047

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