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October, 2014 - Food Manufacturer
"We all enjoy the WCF and will renew shortly. The club industry has really evolved, probably more than we imagined just a few years ago, and you have done a great job of documenting things. Appreciate it."

March, 2014 - Manufacturer Representative
" Love it. It's the most relevant, fact based, concise, and organized piece I've seen. It's a pleasure to be a subscriber!"

December, 2013 - Costco Buyer
"I read the Costco Buying and Operating chapter from the 2013 Warehouse Club Industry Guide. It is one of the best articles I have read on Costco's merchandising and buying philosophies."

November, 2013 - Food Manufacturer
"Keep up the great work we read your issues top to bottom."

March, 2013 - Non Food Manufacturer

"Thanks again for your help a few weeks ago. The access you gave me to your online presentations were extremely helpful and made my presentation a success. I appreciate all that you are doing to help us."

March, 2012 - Consulting Company
"I've really come to rely on WCF to give me the deep-dive/perspective that, quite frankly, isn't possible with the resources we have- and we're pretty damn big! Thank you very much for your responsiveness to each and every one of my questions. Most recently, to my request for expanded access. What an incredible supplement to the WCF! I wish I'd discovered it sooner."

December, 2011 - Manufacturer Representative
"We have two sharp young woman who I am training to go to the WCF bible before doing any Costco presentations. Your newsletter and book are invaluable."

December, 2010 - CPG Food Manufacturer
"You are WAY ON TOP OF THINGS!!! I enjoy every issue you send out. Thanks for the valuable insight"

November, 2010 - CPG Food Manufacturer
"I am a fairly new supplier to the Costco stores, and find your newsletter to be very enlightening."

November, 2010 - CPG Food Manufacturer
"WCF has provided valuable insight into this customer channel."

September, 2010 - CPG Food Manufacturer
"Keep on producing the informative work you are printing now. I look forward to each issue as it has some very important 'nuggets' of information."

July, 2010 - CPG Food Manufacturer
"I love your publication. It was the #1 onboarding for me when I received my Costco assignment."

July, 2010 - CPG Food Manufacturer
"We love your newsletter, especially liked the last issue with the section on frozen chicken."

June, 2010 - Warehouse Club Executive
"We really enjoy your ongoing club articles and features! Keep up the good work!"

June, 2010 - Manufacturer Representative
"We appreciate what you do for this industry."

June, 2010 - Non-Food Manufacturer
"We thoroughly enjoying the information and we are glad we found your publication."

May, 2010 - CPG Food Manufacturer
"The article on Selling Costco was fantastic and has given our team a lot of additional context when preparing presentations to our Costco buyers. Most of the information we knew and have discussed but to see it in one complete summary was very helpful."

February, 2010 - Warehouse Club Buyer
"I always read your newsletter and find it very useful. By the way, you do an awesome job! Congratulations."

December, 2009 - CPG Food Manufacturer - Since 1999
"I continue to find Warehouse Club Focus very current and useful."

November, 2009 - CPG Food Manufacturer
"The Warehouse Club Industry Guide is an extremely useful tool for selling BJ's, Costco and Sam's Club."

November, 2009 - Manufacturer Representative
"Warehouse Club Focus offers valuable information for small, medium and large suppliers. I like your annual saturation study and I like to see the new items you write about when you visit the clubs. As a small broker/consultant like myself, Warehouse Club Focus helps me keep up with industry trends and sales. I can just about find something pertinent in every issue."

October, 2009 - Non-Food Manufacturer
"Michael, fantastic recap of Sam’s new buying and merchandising strategy! Keep up the good work."

March, 2009 - Food Manufacturer
"Warehouse Club Focus provides a great value and resource for anyone actively selling or considering the opportunity to sell the club channel."

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