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WHITE PAPERS - The following sixteen 2020 white papers provide specific answers to specific questions about BJ's, Costco, PriceSmart and Sam's Club. The white papers are available for download in PDF format immediately after purchasing. Each white paper costs $249. Click on the title of each white paper to get information about its contents:

  1. BJ's Buying and Operating
  2. Club Industry Survey
  3. Club Sales Data
  4. Costco Buying and Operating
  5. Department Analysis
  6. Member Profile, Analysis
  7. Packaging
  8. PriceSmart Buying and Operating
  9. Private Label
  10. Product Demonstrations
  11. Product Development
  12. Product Distribution
  13. Sam's Club Buying and Operating
  14. Understanding Club Buyers
  15. Web Sites
  16. What is a Warehouse Club?

BUYING, MERCHANDISING & OPERATING - If you are planning to meet with BJ's, Costco, PriceSmart and Sam's Club, these 2021 club operator focused white papers explain the buying, merchandising and operating strategies of each club. Download each PDF and review it while you are traveling to your meeting. These reports are a great way to review your sales and marketing approach. Each report costs $699. Click on the title of each report to get information about its contents.

  1. BJ's Wholesale
  2. Costco Wholesale
  3. PriceSmart
  4. Sam's Club


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